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Carriage House Designs


Carriage Court

14 distinctly defined designs built with durable composite overlay trim and insulated steel-backed sections. R-Value: 6.48 Warranty: Lifetime Price: $$$



Over 100 authentic-looking carriage house designs stamped in steel. R-Value: 6.64 – 13.35 Warranty: Lifetime Price: $$$

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Steel carriage house designs for a great value. R-Value: 9.05 Warranty: Lifetime Price: $$


Traditional - Heritage

Enduring style in heavy-duty, low-maintenance steel. R-Value: 6.64 – 9.05 Warranty: Lifetime Price: $$


Traditional - Lincoln

No better value in low-maintenance steel. R-Value: 9.05 Warranty: Lifetime Price: $

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage House garage doors by Amarr are available from All 4 Seasons Garage Doors and will transform your home into a neighborhood treasure with perfect curb appeal. This assortment of stunning doors offers it all, whether you want modern or classic, minimal maintenance or custom, value or luxury. Allow our garage door specialists to discuss the finest alternative for your budget and home’s style so that we can assist you in making the greatest decision! Every step of the journey, we will be there for you. These elegant doors are outfitted with detailed paneling and classic hardware. Designed to be more consistent with the look of the rest of your home, carriage house garage doors can also feature matching windows. Your garage will look less like a necessary eyesore, and more like a pleasant addition to your home with these fabulous. These wood or steel beauties will blend in with the style of your home, whether colonial or modern and draw the positive attention that your home does.

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional garage doors are all made of steel and have a variety of design, window, color, and hardware options to choose from. One of the benefits of having a Traditional steel door is that they are easy to take care of and will maintain their great looks for years, despite the many kinds of weather we experience here in the south. Each of the four kinds of Traditional Doors features energy-efficient insulation, which will help maintain the temperature in your garage, increase energy efficiency within your home, and minimize noise. Heritage, Lincoln, and Stratford doors come in four distinctive designs such as Short Panel, Long Panel, Ribbed Panel, and Flushed Panel.

Amarr Heritage doors are made of light but tough steel. They are made with Amarr Safeguard Pinch Protection, which contains specific hinges and brackets designed to decrease and avoid hand and finger injuries caused by garage doors. Heritage doors are built to handle strong pressure from heavy winds and easy to take care of.

Lincoln garage doors are made of easy to maintain steel. There are more than 35 glass and window insert designs available. Lincoln garage doors are designed with UV inhibitors to prevent fading caused by element exposure. Lincoln doors are affordable, stylish, durable, and one of a kind. They are also built tough to withstand powerful winds.

Stratford garage doors, which have always been affordable and beautiful, require very little maintenance and are exceptionally durable. Stratford doors come with the Safeguard system to prevent injuries and can manage strong winds.Olympus garage doors are available in short and long panel designs. They come with 3 layers of construction: steel, insulation, and another layer of steel.

Specialty Doors

Specialty Doors

We offer several different styles of specialty doors. The clean lines and glass surfaces of your home’s contemporary design are perfectly mirrored by these modern, sleek garage doors. Glass and frame colors are available in several options. Amarr Coastal doors are also available. These lovely vinyl doors are rust-resistant and come in a variety of styles. The weather-resistant vinyl construction locks out the elements for years of trouble-free service.

Wood Doors

Wood Doors

Wood’s inherent beauty can enhance the appearance of any property, and wooden garage doors are a terrific way to increase curb appeal. The construction of a wood garage door is intended to provide maximum performance and long-term durability. Weather and insect damage are not a problem with wooden garage doors. When other types of wood are exposed to moisture, they warp, while cedar wood remains straight and unaffected by the elements.

Our wood doors come in several diverse types such as clear vertical grain cedar, incense cedar, mahogany, and red grandis. Our clear vertical grain and incense cedar both are very resistant to humidity and stay unphased by weathering. They are also less susceptible to insect damage and rotting. Since cedar is light and porous, it is great at noise absorption and insulates well. Mahogany garage doors also are highly resistant to humidity, water, and insect damage. Red grandis is like mahogany in weight and density but is lighter in color.

Glass Doors

Glass Doors

A glass garage door may be what you are looking for if you want a door that operates easily, protects your home or business, and has a sleek and modern design. We have glass doors available for both commercial and residential. Glass garage doors work well in commercial situations like restaurants, auto repair shops, fire stations, and more! Since they can also be installed on residential properties, they are a unique way to add curb appeal to your home. They can be customized to resemble the windows of your home. You can choose the level of transparently you want your garage door to be and get the right amount of sunlight coming and consume less energy as well. Glass garage doors are long lasting and durable. Due to their strong aluminum frames, they rarely break.

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