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New Garage Door

You’ll always find what you’re looking for with our large selection of doors in all styles. We understand the importance of choosing the perfect garage door to complement your home and we offer styles to suit all needs. In addition to garage doors, we also offer an assortment of products and accessories to add ambiance and appeal to the garage door.

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Competitive Pricing

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand that getting the best prices for your necessary home repairs and improvements is always important. Unless you have a money tree growing in the backyard it’s always important to get the best value for your dollar. When you entrust us to handle your garage door needs, you’ll love our highly competitive, low pricing.

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Garage Door Service

While our main services are garage door sales and installation, we offer a variety of additional services. Additional services we offer include annual inspections, garage door maintenance and repair, weather-stripping, replacement of torsion springs, seals, and tracks, and more. If it involves garage doors in Atlanta, GA, you can be certain that we offer the service!

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Superior Service

We offer superior service to each and every customer that we work with. It is our customers that make our business what it is today, so we go above and beyond to delight our customers by exceeding their expectations. We would love to have you join our family of happy customers!

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Residential & Commercial Garage Doors Atlanta, GA Installation

We will come to your home or place of business to install the garage doors of your choice. We handle both business and residential garage door needs with the same dedication and quality.

Garage Door Repair Atlanta

All Four Seasons Garage Doors is a top rated Atlanta garage door repair company specializing in maintenance and installation. When it comes to commercial and residential garage door repair, garage door installation and maintenance, seek no farther than All Four Seasons for quality and expert work that is done right the first time, every time. We stand behind our garage door servicing and repair and will assist you with what you require rather than trying to sell you something you don’t need. Please contact All Four Seasons for a free estimate if your garage door is not opening or closing correctly, is malfunctioning, squeaky, or if it is just time for a new one.

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Why Choose Us

We are a group of professionals with a combined 150 years of expertise in this industry, having served thousands of clients. Every day, we go to work with the goal of assisting our clients in obtaining a dependable garage system that provides safety, efficiency, and longevity. At All Four Seasons, we think that each home and garage has a distinct style that deserves an unique approach. As a result, we attempt to understand your current garage system (if you have one) as well as your property to choose the ideal service and process for your needs. This method has allowed us to deliver a considerably better quality of life for our clients. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are alarming numbers of garage door accidents caused by homeowners attempting to repair or install their own doors. You get a knowledgeable hand that is trained to produce the greatest outcomes while keeping your safety in mind when you use our service. You can also save money by avoiding inferior products. We aim to provide quick service delivery and high levels of client satisfaction. As a result, we’ve put together a proficient customer care team that is always ready to answer to your questions, requests, and comments.

When Is It Time For A New Garage Door

When it comes to home improvement, most homeowners want to fix or replace anything that would provide them with a substantial and rapid return on investment. If you’re one of these homeowners, garage door replacement is the #1 home improvement for a return on investment for your household. When visitors look at your house, one of the first things they notice is your garage door. It’s also likely that you use it several times per day, it’s imperative that it is in good working order. As a result, your garage door is an excellent choice for your next home improvement project.

Several factors may suggest that it is time to replace your garage door. Making the best choice depends on what you value most in your house and lifestyle, but here are some of the most significant garage door characteristics to consider:



Because garage doors are massive components that may injure someone if they opened or closed too quickly, no garage door will open or close as soon as you press a button. However, you should be able to detect a reaction without hesitation. If your garage door begins to open and close significantly slower than it did when you originally purchased it, or if the response is very delayed, it may be time to replace it. .

Noise Level

Noise Level

Increased noise may simply indicate that a component needs to be repaired or replaced. Noise should not be overlooked. It's more than a little inconvenience. Because correctly operating garage doors normally operate quietly and quietly, abrupt sounds such as grinding, crushing, grating, squeaking, or pounding can be an indication that it's time for a replacement.

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

If garage doors slam shut unexpectedly, they can cause serious damage or even death. It's dangerous if your door doesn't close completely or if an automatic door doesn't reverse when something triggers the sensor. Not only can these problems harm your family, pets, and neighbors, but they can also cause damage to your home and expose it to intruders

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The appearance of your garage door has a significant impact on the property value and curb appeal of your home. You might be dissatisfied with the outdated appearance of a once-sleek door. Any style gets outdated after a certain amount of time. It is worth the investment to update the look of your garage door to a modern design that suits the rest of your home and improves its exterior beauty



Over time, your garage door will see some wear and tear. Many elements, such as neighboring activity and inclement weather, cause dents over time. The springs are only good for 10,000 cycles on average. Many of these concerns can be resolved quickly and easily. However, if your garage door breaks down frequently and you're constantly worried about whether it'll work, it's probably time to consider a replacement.

How To Choose A Garage Door Company

You might be combing through many garage door companies looking for the one that’s ideal for you if it’s time to replace or repair your garage door. Choosing a garage door business requires serious thought. A garage door makes up a substantial element of your home’s exterior, even if you don’t realize it. You’ll need one that makes you pleased every time you return home and can withstand the elements. You should also engage with a business that is familiar with the complex technology that keeps a garage door running efficiently.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

The online reputation of any business is crucial. When it comes to local services, the opinions of your neighbors can be informative. As a starting point, seek for high average ratings in internet reviews of garage door companies. Examine evaluations from specific users to gain a better understanding of how the organization functions.


Certifications and memberships provide independent verification of a company’s quality of service. A garage door dealer with several certificates and associations is considered to be in excellent standing. The IDA is the industry’s leading trade organization for door and access systems. The group welcomes garage door dealers, branches, suppliers, and service experts to join. Being a member of an industry group demonstrates a commitment to ethical business practices. By fostering honesty and justice, industry associations hope to benefit the entire industry. Members of the IDA adhere to the IDA Code of Business Conduct, which ensures the highest level of customer service and transparency.

Proof of Insurance

To work on your house, all garage door installers and contractor organizations must be insured. It’s the law, and it safeguards you in the case that something goes wrong. While a reputable garage door company will have lots of experience, having confirmation of insurance will give you piece of mind. This information will be readily available from a reliable garage door business.

Compare Different Quotes

Every household’s budget and needs for installation, repair, and maintenance services are unique. You may learn about the cost of numerous companies as well as how they conduct business by gathering quotes from a few different companies. You’ll have a lot better sense of the amount you’ll spend and the quality you’ll get after collecting quotations from the providers you’re interested in.

3 Signs You Need Garage Door Maintenance

When it comes to garage door services and garage door maintenance, we’ve seen it all since we first opened. While you can fix many garage door issues yourself, you should leave most of them to the professionals. However, if you know the problem with your door, you’ll be able to determine whether it’s something you can fix yourself or if it must be handled by a professional. 


DIY-Misaligned Sensors

The photo-eye sends out a beam that determines whether something or someone is blocking its path. Photo eyes were created to prevent your garage door from falling on you, your children, or your pets as it was closing. Check the photo eye sensors on either side of the garage if your door opens normally but does not close when you click the

button on your remote. Because these sensors are easily filthy, clean them with a delicate cloth and a streak-free cleaner first. Don’t get the eyes too wet because too much moisture on the sensors can make things worse. After that, you’ll need to double-check the sensor alignment. Determine that the eyes are pointing in the same direction and at the same angle. If the eyes become misaligned, they will believe that something or someone has blocked their path, and the door will not close. If the garage door still doesn’t operate after cleaning and aligning the sensors, contact our office, and we’ll gladly address the problem.

Contact a Professional- Broken Springs

You may have broken springs if your garage door won’t open even though the transmitter and motor operate. If your garage door springs break while you’re at home, you’ll instantly notice the problem since your garage door will bang loudly. The fact that the springs, not the opener, lift your garage door day in and day out, causes this loud noise.

You should never attempt to repair your garage door springs on your own. You may be wounded from doing so. If your garage door springs are the source of the problem, don’t try to open it manually until our professionals arrive to repair or replace them.

DIY- Manually Locked Garage Door

Someone may have manually locked the door if you click the button on your remote and the motor runs for a few seconds without the door opening. First, look for anything that might be blocking the tracks or springs. Once you’ve verified that everything is in order, check to verify if the door lock was activated. To manually unlock your garage door, simply spin the handle until you hear something click. The “bolts” attached to the handle will retract into the side rail apertures, allowing the garage door to open and close. If it doesn’t work, it’s time to bring in the professionals.


For the best in Garage Door Maintenance solutions, call All Four Seasons Garage Doors of North Atlanta, GA. Our staff is ready for you at 678-472-6531 or fill out our contact us form and we’ll get in contact with you.

Call All Four Seasons for Your Garage Door Repairs and Installation

When it comes to garage door service, All Four Seasons is the company to call. We provide the most up-to-date garage doors and garage door openers that will make your life easier. We have the greatest solutions to match your demands, whether you need a brand-new garage door installation or want to upgrade your experience with smart device capabilities. We provide a transformative garage door experience that is improved by high-performance, industry-leading equipment that will always work at its best. From garage door installation to garage door maintenance, All Four Seasons is the company to call for all of your garage door needs. Our garage door service is unrivaled, and our garage door specialists are highly trained, licensed, and insured. You

can rely on our team of skilled garage door installers to provide you with high-quality garage door installations for your home or business.

Call All Four Seasons Garage Doors of North Atlanta, GA for the best garage door maintenance services. Call us at (770) 771-6445 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.