Must Know Facts About Garage Doors

Must Know Facts About Garage Doors

If you’re looking to invest in a garage door, it’s time to gain some knowledge about garage doors in general. This includes how the doors work, where they come from, parts, materials, and information on technicians.

How do they operate?

Though sectional garage doors are most popular in residential constructions, there are a variety of garage door types. These include sliding, folding, or up and over doors. Typically, the doors will move on two parallel tracks that can be manually or automatically operated. Carriage doors are more traditional and can be opened from the inside out. They operate on hinges much like an in-home entry door. Some consumers prefer these garage doors because they offer a tighter seal and sleeker design, but they also require more space and tend to be more expensive.

If your door opens normally but doesn’t close when you press on your remote, first check the photo eye sensors on either side of the garage. These sensors can easily get dirty, so first use a gentle cloth and a streak-free cleaner to wash the photo eyes. Don’t get the eyes too wet as excessive moisture on the sensors can cause the situation to get even worse.

Next, you will need to check the alignment of the sensors. Ensure that the eyes point in the same direction and angle. If the eyes get misaligned, they will assume that an object or person has gotten in their path and the door won’t close.

When you clean and align the sensors, but the garage door still doesn’t work, call our office, and we’ll happily fix the problem.

What type of parts are used?

Knowing the parts used in an installation is important in being well informed about garage doors. They are compiled from a combination of sections, brackets, cable drums, and springs. The sections are connected by hinges and rollers, while the brackets support the bottom of the door. Drums coil up cables to open the door. Two types of springs are used torsion and extension. These springs both work in allowing the door to raise and lower.

Typically, the springs will last up to nine years, but if the garage replaces your front door they may only last six years. They will usually need rebalancing after two years to ensure your garage door opens correctly. This is because they lose tension over time. If you find your garage door faces difficulty staying in the up position or opening unevenly it is likely the springs are wearing. It’s important to recognize this malfunction, as failure to fix the problem can cause your door to fall off track.

You never want to attempt to fix your garage door springs yourself. Doing so can put you in danger of getting injured. If you know that your garage door springs are the problem, don’t try to open your door manually until our technicians arrive to fix or replace the springs.

What materials are used?

Wood designs are the most elegant in design. However, they don’t tend to last as long and require refinishing regularly. Most homeowners paint them with a latex exterior primer using a roller or wide brush. Steel requires less maintenance but tend to rust or acquire dents. You can remove dents by using aluminum foil in the crease, then heating with a lighter. In a few minutes, the dent will pop back into place. Vinyl doors are a smart alternative to steel because they are less prone to denting.

What type of garage door accessories are available?

Garage door openers are a convenient accessory. Many today are wi-fi capable and allow easy access to your garage from anywhere. Lighting and custom floors are also popular, along with shelving and workspace installed in the garage. Insulated garage doors also help keep the interior space warmer or cooler.

What training do garage door service people need?

Properly trained technicians undergo a variety of training programs in repair, installation, and prevention. They should be knowledgeable in techniques to keep your garage secure. There are many different accreditation agencies that oversee contracting and in particular, garage door installation, Find out what qualifications or training your technicians have obtained.

You’ll find our people are the best at what they do, and your garage door is in good hands with All Four Seasons garage doors Franklin TN. Call us or click on All Four Seasons to start the conversation with us about your next garage door! 770-288-0448

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