Common Garage Door Repair Problems

Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors are an incredibly important part of every home. They help to provide easy access for vehicles, storage, and overall safety. While garage doors don’t have many working parts, they can difficult to maintain and repair. Most homeowners simply don’t have the expertise or knowledge to fix problems often associated with garage doors. DIY-ers and other consumers who prefer to solve issues on their own may want to reconsider when it comes to garage doors.

The simple design of garage doors can lead many to believe that repairs are easy, but to keep everything working correctly homeowners are advised to call professionals. Here are some common garage door repair problems to be on the lookout for:

Problems with the automatic opener

Although most garage doors include a keypad for manually entering a code, having a garage door opener makes things much easier. However, there are some possible issues that can arise with these automatic openers. There is nothing more frustrating than coming home from a long day of work and finding out the opener doesn’t function properly. Some common problems associated with these devices include a low or dead battery, wiring issues, jammed buttons, and connection problems. Homeowners can try simple solutions such as replacing the batteries. For the more complicated issues, garage door repair professionals should be called.

Dangers of fixing the torsion springs yourself

Torsion springs are one of the most important components of a garage door. These springs help to maintain the balance of the entire garage door and create enough energy to lift the door. When the garage doors are lowered, these torsion springs are coiled up to store energy. As the unit lifts up, the garage door torsion spring unwinds and the stored energy helps to lift the door.

There are some dangers associated with trying to fix the torsion spring. The garage door can fall quickly and cause damage or be ran off course completely. Being such an integral part of the entire garage door system, these torsion springs should be replaced or repaired by a professional.

What Garage Door Repairs are needed?

There are some common issues with garage doors that are easy to recognize. Broken torsion springs and dysfunctional remote openers are obvious problems that must be fixed. Garage doors also require reoccurring repairs to keep things running smoothly and safely. These fixes aren’t always obvious. Instead, homeowners need to be aware of these recurring fixes. First and foremost, the wheels need to realigned to ensure they stay on track. The torsion springs should be regularly checked to ensure that they are intact and working properly. Individual panels in the garage door should also be checked to make sure that nothing is falling apart. Having a garage door repair professional check for these issues on a regular basis can help prevent major problems in the future.

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Different garage door types

Garage door professionals can help to build and repair multiple different types of garage doors. Beyond the common household models, there are larger style garage doors for shipping companies and other business utilizing large doors. Professionals in garage door repair can handle all types of doors with ease. In reality, both smaller residential and larger commercial garage doors function in the same way. For this reason, fixes and repairs are very similar between the two. Homeowners and business owners alike use garage doors on a daily basis. Because these doors tend to function properly, many people are surprised when something goes wrong. Smaller issues such as loose bolts or remote control problems are relatively easy to fix. Larger issues such as compromised torsion springs or broken rails are much more difficult. Either way, it is recommendable to call professionals to help fix the problems correctly. Find out more about this topic on our website page: Residential and Commercial Garage Door Repair If you have any issues at all with your Smyrna GA garage door, or anywhere in the Atlanta metro area, call All Four Seasons Garage Door Repair Smyrna at 678-472-6531or click on our Smyrna GA Garage Doors page.
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