Childproofing your Garage Doors

Garage door child safety

Understanding your garage door is crucial for the safety of your children. Here is why Childproofing your garage door should be your top priority.

Childproofing your garage door opener

If your garage has a garage door opener, your younger children are not automatically safe. After opening or closing the door, it shouldn’t move at all; if it does, your kids can become injured when the door moves unexpectedly. A professional can inspect your automatic garage door to ensure that it is safe from the curiosity of tiny hands.

Inspect your garage door for old age

If your garage door is nearing the antique stage, it may be time to install a new residential garage door. A service technician can help you select the right door that matches your garage and also protects your children from experiencing any accidents.

Contact All Four Seasons garage door service company for a free inspection. You may not need to install a new garage door- we can determine if a replacement part can create a safe garage door.

Secure harmful items

Kids are curious by nature and their inquisitive minds make it possible for injuries to occur. One lure is the shelf of bottles and cans of chemicals stored in your garage that may pose a serious risk for your young children. make sure your kids are unable to reach any items containing dangerous chemicals.

Remember that kids enjoy climbing anything that looks challenging. One of the best ways to store items containing chemicals or toxic substances is to keep them under lock and key. Make sure you keep the key inside your house instead of in the garage.

Eliminating clutter can also protect your children from injury from tripping or dislodging items that can fall on them. Throw out items you no longer need and place other possessions in boxes. Store the containers on high shelves that tiny tots are unable to reach. Store hammers, chisels, screwdrivers, pliers, nails, bolts, and screws in a way that keeps them out of reach as well.

Other things to consider

Locking the doors to your car, truck or SUV is an additional way to keep your children safe. The first rule of thumb: never leave a key in your vehicle’s ignition. Protect your kids by ensuring that the windows in your vehicle are closed all the way. Ensure that the garage floors are safe. Make sure there are no oil or grease spots that can cause your child to slip and fall.

Your kids can easily get hurt in the garage unless you do what you can to make sure it’s a safer environment. Childproofing your garage is a matter of common sense combined with maintenance. Maintain your garage door, and the garage, to protect your kids from harm.

Find out more in our Guide to Garage Door Safety All Four Seasons Garage Doors in Arrington TN is your source for everything pertaining to your garage- from doors to openers to replacement or new garage doors. Contact us today for a free estimate! Click over to our Arrington TN garage doors page or call 770-288-0448 to find out more.
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